Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Justin's Debut

Many of my clients come to me by way of "word-of-mouth" because they've heard of my particular style of photography. I have a reputation of loving to photograph faces and that is exactly what drew Justin Dinkins to my studio. He's currently planning on trying his luck in the modeling industry and wanted some great shots to launch his career.

I agreed to do Justin's
head shot session, then I referred him to another colleague who I suggested he should hire to create his remaining images. From what I've seen of Justin during this session I believe he has a great opportunity of making it as a top male model in South Florida. Good luck, Justin. I'm looking for your autographed on your first set of comp card!!!


GQ material!
Justin has the kind of skin
that works well with lighting.

Justin's "bad boy" look.
This is my favorite shot of Justin.
Definitely cover material.

Yeah, he can be cool, too.
To view the entire session,
click on Play below.

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