Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photographer VS Photographer

At the October Perfect Wedding Guide bridal show, I met Terry Sunday as she photographed the setup of the booth next to my display. We struck up a conversation, as photographers will do, and she let me show her a couple of new techniques with her camera. As I spoke with Terry I sensed our personalities were a perfect blend of trust and friendship. So, I offer her a portrait session with the promise of teaching her more about photography. I was genuinely intrigued by her pleasing inner spirit and openness to a stranger. I felt that I could create some unique images of her that would present her as a photographer and a beautiful woman.

Terry came to the studio this Saturday and we pampered her with TLC. First, Krystal Cordo (make-up artist) prepared her face for the session while Dana and I created some simple background sets to photograph her against. From the very first image I took of Terry I was impressed with her uninhibited, funny & giddy spirit that lasted the entire session. I know how difficult it is to trade places in front of the camera as opposed to being behind it. Terry, my hat goes off to you. You were a marvelous subject and every bit of the perfect model I knew you could be. Now you can admit that you are a pro on both sides of the camera.


Terry is a Nikon shooter,
but we won't hold that against her.
Terry is one of the happiest persons I know....
with the most beautiful eyes.I truly enjoyed capturing Terry's inner beauty.Ray Flash ring light was used for
this and the two
remaining images.

Cameras: Canon 30D & 5D
Lenses: 24-105mm & 70-200mm
Lighting: Canon 580EX with RayFlash ringlight and PhotoFL Starlite QL


Anonymous said...

My favorite are #2 and #7. You are beautiful. Brenda

Jessica said...

Oooh I love them all but my favorites are 1 and 5. ~Jessica