Monday, November 24, 2008

Transfer VHS Tapes To DVD

What do you do with tons of old VHS tapes of you and your family that haven't been viewed in ages because you don't have a tape player or it is non-functional? Here's a simple solution. Let us transfer your tapes to a DVD disc that will play on your computer and/or your current DVD player that's connected to your wide-screen HD TV.

Bring your VHS tapes up to date while conserving space

At Portrait Corner Studio we're constantly adding new services that will help our clients improve the quality of their lives.
Two of the newest items we're adding to our product line is video coverage of small events and VHS transfer service. For more information about either of these products contact Willie at: (954) 921-7959.

Introductory Discount
Receive a $5 discount off the total price for transferring two tapes at the time of ordering (offer expires: Dec. 31, 2008).

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