Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fall Dance Concert

Over the weekend I had the chilly pleasure of driving up to Atlanta (entire family in tow) to see my granddaughter perform in the Fall Dance Concert at Spelman College. Jazmine is in her junior year and is a student enrolled in Spelman's Drama and Dance program.

I was quite disappointed that I wasn't able to video record the performance, but Dana managed to get some great still shots of her on stage, after the show, and in her dorm room.
Now you have got to imagine this. I'm at an all girls college, in an all girls dorm room, surrounded by eight women, and trying to blend in with their conversations and dorm horseplay. I just sat on the sofa, propped up my feet, and listened to the rumblings in my stomach because it was 11PM at night and I was HUNGRY!!! I will have to admit, though, that it was kinda fun taking cheesy snapshots with everyone. Because I AM a professional photographer you know how difficult it must have been for me to be involved in that type of non-professional behavior.

After our visitation time was over I realized that it was good hanging out with my granddaughter, her roommate, and friends. After all we hadn't see her for months because she didn't come home during the summer. In addition, I got to see up close where all my tuition bucks are going.

The finale of our visit was when we got the chance to see Jazmine perform a dance routine for her home church (New Birth Baptist Church). Congratulations on a great performance, Jaz, and I know you are aware of where all of your talents and gifts come from.
I look forward to coming in 2010 for your long as it's not 24 degrees!!!!!

Willie (Grandpa)

Jazmine's (4th from left) and her dance
troupe taking a bow after a routine.

Dancers after their performance.
All the Hills minus my grandson who had
miss the Atlanta trip because of a football game.
Jaz with choreographer T. Lang
Jazmine hitting me up for a cash advancement.
Sorry, Charlie. Money is tight these days.
Inside look at what REALLY goes on in a girls dorm.
Jazmine, Chasity, Anastacia, & Kerrionne.
Colorful foot gear is an indicator of how
cool it is to walk around in your room.
Jazmine with her roommate, girlfriends, and all the Hill girls.
Look, Mom. I'm hanging out in the girls dorm.
Jazmine with her church dance group before practice.
Jaz practicing her moves for her Sunday performance.
Some people just don't know how to use chopsticks.

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Jazmine L. Dinkins said...

lol!!!!! Grandad you are a funny man! I'm glad you all came! it really made my jam packed weekend AWESOME! LOL I'm definitely sending my friends the link to this!