Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big Sister - Serena

Several months ago when I photographed Serena's 4-year old sister Savanna, I was able to create some of the cutest portraits of a child. In fact, at the May 2008 PPGF Print Competition one of the three First Place Merits I won was of a portrait I'd taken of Savanna. (That winning image is now in the new header design for this blog; she's holding the doll). Anyway, the day that I gave her parents the ribbons and actual photograph used in the competition, I knew I had a dilemma. How could I photograph the Stapleton's youngest daughter and not the older sister?

To solve this problem, I offered them a session for Serena knowing she might have felt a little left out. On the other hand, she had such an awesome attitude about all the fuss made of Savanna's success (no jealousy with this kid), I felt she would do wonderfully in her own session. Needless to say, she didn't let me or her parents down. I want you to look at the first image I took of her. Perfect! This is how we started the session. The rest of our time together was nothing but fun and laughter for the two of us. We had a ball together and many of the poses you see I confess that Serena struck them up herself. She was doing so well in front of the camera that I started calling her "supermodel".

It's such a pleasure to photograph children who are comfortable with themselves at an early age and are having equal fun simply growing up. I created a lot of images knowing that this is what the parents might treasure, but I also created some images that I believe will show what a beautiful young woman she is growing up to be. The Stapletons should be proud parents of their two daughters. Serena and Savanna are beautiful girls that this photographer think are "special".


Lisa Stapleton (mom) said...

Willie, when Serena told us that you said she was "next" I was not expecting the amazing photos of our daugther who at times hated to be photographed. She looks so mature and grownup that I can't see her being 10 years old in these pictures. Thank you so much for making it an enjoyable time for her and lasting memories for us. You are blessed.

Frank Stapleton said...


Once again you amaze me on how you can bring out something in my kids that I knew was there but could not bring it out. You truly have a God given talent and I am thankful that God has put me on a path to know you.

The kids are so excited and Lisa and I could not be more proud of them! I consider you a good friend and excellent man of God. Thank you for taking the time to work with the kids and making them fell comfortable.

STEPHANIE (Serena's cousin) said...

wow willie. these pictures of my cousin look really beautiful.I usually don't say that often about her but your work is proven to bring out the best in her.she looks great.

god bless you.

Willie L. Hill, Jr., CPP said...

Lisa,it has been a great relationship with you as your photographer, starting with your wedding and now the photography of your children. I have the kinda job that goes on from generation to generation and I love it. Bring the girls by often.