Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quince With A Twist

Andrea Newell is one blessed little 15-year old girl. She has good looks, a great family that loves her, and lots of “cool” friends. What more could a girl want? How about an awesome quince party at The Signature Grand in Davie along with all of her best friends as invited guests. Well, thanks to her parents Ruth and Fred her fairy tale party came true, but with a twist.

Whenever I photograph a quince party I strive not to create boring dated shots of the birthday girl. After all, she’s wearing a stunning dress, the décor is fabulous, and it’s a fun, magical moment in her life. So, I believe her portraits should reflect all of the pomp and elegance, but let's toss in some classy images to cap off the event.

I hadn’t met Andrea before her “big night”, but as soon as we were introduced by her mom, we connected right away. It seemed she already knew what I had in mind. Andrea looked like a princess in a Walt Disney animation with a hint of “super model” attitude underneath her well-mannered personality. With no one in the ballroom except Andrea and her family, I immediately started creating some unique fashion shots of her near the stage set. I was looking for something totally different than the cheesy shots that most quince photographers deliver to their clients. Andrea had a blast working with my ideas and offered some of her own. With such a great start, photographing the rest of the party was a snap. See for yourself.

Andrea, I hope you had a great time. It was wonderful capturing your fun time with family and friends.

To see additional images from Andrea's quince party, go here: Portrait Corner, and enter this case sensitive Session ID: Andrea

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