Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spot on Lung

Six months ago my daughter Dana got fed up with a chronic little cough that I'd had for months (who knows...years?) and scheduled a doctor's appointment for her dear 'ole dad'. Prior to the appointment an episode one night where I had a complete shortness of breath put the icing on the cake for me. So, I took every one's advice and submitted to a CT scan. Results? I had a tiny nodule on my right lung. In January my primary care doctor said "nothing to worry about; we'll check again in 6 months".

Fast forward: Two weeks ago I had another CT scan and was told by my PC not to worry again, but then he wanted me to have a PET scan today. Ummm? Not sure why (yet). The good thing out of all this so far is that in February 2008 I joined a local gym and I now have a daily routine from 9-10AM, Monday through Friday. I spend an hour weight lifting one day and cardio the next. I feel great (better than I have in a long time) because sitting behind a computer all day working on digital images CAN make you fat and lazy. I'll keep you posted.

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