Monday, June 23, 2008

Ena Bernard & The Kennedy's

This weekend I had the pleasure of being a part of history that can never be repeated. Imagine photographing the 100 year old nanny for the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy's family. Well, both my daughter (Dana) and I were the exclusive photographers for Ena Bernard's birthday celebration at The Signature Grand in Davie. We were honored that Ena's daughter (Josefina Harvin) chose us from among the Recommended Photographers at The Grand to document this special occasion.

The Event Producer for Ena's party was Linda Blanco and she saw that everything progressed smoothing with the high profile guests that would be in attendance. After meeting Ena and photographing her with Josefina, throughout the event I photographed her one on one with each arriving Kennedy, including mom Ethel Kennedy. You could feel the excitement building with each dignitary's arrival until finally the entire Kennedy clan was present. Awesome!

It was amazing watching the Kennedys embrace, touch, and kiss Ena in their own special way as they greeted her. Her eyes sparkled with each greeting and her lips broke into a smile as they snuggled their faces close to hers. The significance of the event, however, was so eloquently explained when Josefina introduced the audience to Ena and the Kennedys. She graciously thanked everyone (especially the Kennedys who had flown in from various parts of the country) for coming to her mom's birthday celebration. As Ena's only child, Josefina's humble words of appreciation and gratitude to the Kennedys brought tears to our eyes and a standing ovation for Ena.

While I was documenting this event I sensed a little of the humbleness and pride that Ena was experiencing for herself and her family. As a father, I watched my daughter photographing this "once-in-a-lifetime" event with me. She was getting both a history and photography lesson that would stick with her the rest of her professional life. Thanks for inviting us Harvin and Kennedy families.

Happy Birthday, "Mimi!!

The Harvin FamilyEna with the Kennedy children she lived with & helped raise.Ena & Josephina with the entire Kennedy clanEna and Ethel Kennedy
Me with Joe Kennedy & wife
Dana with Joe Kennedy and wife
Jorge Antonatos (DJ) with Joe Kennedy and wife
Josefina holding a greeting card to Ena
from Presidential candidate Barack Obama

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DJ: Jorge Antonatos (
Event Producer: Linda Blanco (

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Anonymous said...

Ena looks just like she did in her early days of making shirred eggs and running the kitchen on Marchant. great job and great memories.