Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cycles of Love

What do you get when you mix a beautiful blue-eyed German girl who flies Lear jets and rides Harley Davidson motorcycles? One awesome, foxy, lady on two wheels! Dah, dah! Meet Sherrie and Mark: Newlyweds-to-be and their gorgeous motorcycles.

I confess that as a photographic artist I’m a sucker for beautiful women and motorcycles. I don’t think there is anything more poetic than the combination of the two. So, when I booked Sherrie’s upcoming wedding through a mutual friend, I got extremely excited when we were planning her engagement session and she mentioned that she rides a motorcycle. (Sherrie, to be honest I was thinking your bike was like a Honda 250cc. You know…the kind I used to ride back in the 70’s). Well, the day she and Mark showed up at the studio for their session, I was literally blow away. She looked so fine! I mean the bike was exquisite. Okay. Sherrie and her bright yellow Harley were complete knockouts. Let’s not forget Mark either. (Nice bike, Mark).

It was so funny driving to our first location (with she and Mark in tow) and listening to the verbal ovations that people in cars were yelling out to them as we sat at traffic lights. My favorite one was: “You go, Girl!” Guys driving in the opposite direction had a real hard time keeping their eyes on the road, too. Personally, I couldn’t resist watching them in my rear view mirror, thinking to myself that this was going to be one of the most fulfilling photo session I’ve ever experienced.

So far I’ve made light of all this, but now I want to get serious. The love relationship between Sherrie and Mark was one of those incredible moments a photographer stores away in his “treasure box of memories”. Yeah, the bikes are beautiful, but they simply compliment an inner beauty these two cyclists have for each other. I wanted my images of them to reflect that and I think I succeeded. So much so that a couple of days later I got a juicy email from Sherrie who was out in Seattle on a flight. She was telling me how much she and Mark enjoyed their session and how excited she was over her images. Here’s my favorite line from her email, though: “Man you're good, Willie! My hat's off to you!”

Thanks, Sherrie, but my hat’s off to you and Mark. It’s going to be SUPER fun at your wedding. Don’t forget to bring the bikes.

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