Saturday, May 17, 2008

50 Years of Bliss

When you meet a couple like Bea & Jerry you immediately fall in love with them. Can you imagine that they have been soul mates (married) for 50 years? That’s half a century! Wow! That’s an awesome statistic and what a great example they’ve set for other married couples.

The day of their portrait consultation I realized they had personalities that seemed to bubble over and draw you into their relationship. Bea’s intent was to give the images to their children as “thank you gifts” during an upcoming vow renewal for family and friends up North. Although she wanted traditional portraits, I also decided that I wanted to have a little fun with them, too. It would be significant to show the romance between them that must be a part of the glue that has kept their marriage together over 50 years.

So, between traditional portraits and a little hugging and kissing, I think these images show they still know how to put on the “Ritz”. Congratulations, Bea and Jerry, and I wish you many more years of happiness! Surely your kids will have great memories of your 50th Anniversary and the portraits will become priceless in the upcoming years. It was a pleasure being a part of the celebration.

True romance between Jerry and Bea is undeniable.

It's so easy to see why Bea fell in love with Jerry. She probably couldn't resist his good looks.
I think Bea is one "Elegant Lady" that belies her married years.

Jerry is still able to make Bea melt in the arms. Cute.

Jerry and Bea, call me when it's time to celebrate your 60th anniversary. The session and portraits will be free on me.

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