Friday, March 19, 2010

New Toy

Have you every had a precious item stolen from you and you were so angry about the incident you promised not to replace the item? Well, several years ago I had a camera stolen from me while photographing a wedding at Signature Grand. It was a Canon 10D with an 8mm Sigma fisheye lens. I only used it for weddings, but it was a sweet system because of the unique perspective it gave my images. In all I think the system cost me about two grand back in the day when DSLRs were expensive to purchase.

Canon Rebel xsi with Sigma 8mm Fisheye

Anyway, after having anxiety attacks every time I would see a fisheye image in a magazine or come across some of my old fisheye images, I've relented and reinvested into a replacement system. Lots of improvements have happened to digital cameras in the past two years and the loss of that camera did have an upside. 1) The cameras are cheaper, and 2) Their resolution and file handling is much better. Now I can offer my brides this unique look again!

Check out the images I created with this system while on a trip to Arizona.


Location: Boojum Tree

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