Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kristen Botner - 1st Ambassador

If there ever was a case of "perfect timing" such is the case with Kristen Botner. I was working on my 2011 senior portrait promotion when her dad contacted me about photographing her senior portraits. I had created her brother's images a year or two ago, and Mr. Botner knew we would do an excellent job for Kristen. I needed a model for my "Senior Ambassador" program (student's receive free senior portraits in exchange for the names of graduating friends), so Kristen and Mr. Botner were eager to make the trade.

Kristen was fabulous and we spent several hours creating an experience that she will never forget. The proof is in the portraits that are displayed below and in the slideshow which features all of my favorites. At the end of the session we wrapped up the day with a fun shot of the entire family. Don't miss that image below.

Thanks, Kristen, for a wonderful session and I believe your friends are going to be REAL jealous of your senior portraits.

We started off Kristen senior session
with a great makeup job by Krystal Bianca.

Traditional cap & gown shots were also taken.

Kristen has a "non-stop" smile that goes forever.

This portrait was taken in a vacated storefront.

The grunge look is really in
with the students for 2010.

Although she was home schooled, Kristen
has been accepted at the University of Miami

with a full scholarship. Go, Kristen!

The Botners

To view Kristen's entire senior session
click on the play button below.


Joel said...

We are so thankful for your frienship and creative talent. What a joy to know that you have so masterfully captured our little "joy". You are wonderful to work with and we had alot of fun taking these shots. Blessings.

Joel Botner

Willie L Hill, Jr. CPP said...

Joel, thanks for sharing your daughter with us and for letting us create her senior portraits. I hope to follow her academic career as she attends the University of Miami. You have an awesome family.

Your Photographer!