Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tameka & OJ's Wedding

I'm truly excited about this post because it has been years in the making. Although I had been awaiting its arrival, my friend Tameka Collin's wedding came much sooner than I had anticipated. She has been very selective about her choice of men in her life, and I knew she wasn't going to rush into marriage. In a sense this is a fairytale come true.

What you don't know about Tameka is that she is a wedding coordinator and over the years she has referred many brides and portrait clients to me. Not only that, she has also had personal photography created by me and is one of my biggest fans. (Perhaps I'll show you in a future blog how awesome she looks in pictures).

Anyway, years ago in an act of appreciation I told Tameka that if she ever got married I would gladly photograph her wedding day for "free". Well, New Year's Day 2011 she finally did it! I flew down to South Florida and had a great time covering her wedding at Parrot Jungle Island in Key Biscayne.

Congratulations, Tameka and O.J., and I hope you love your wedding album, too. It is one of the best that I've ever photographed and designed. Also, it has been a pleasure working with you over the years, and I'm going to miss you now that we're living in Georgia.


[Click images to enlarge viewing]

Future brides.
Tameka always has a smile.
Oh, yeah, it's that time!
There will be NO bell ringing at this wedding!
Don't count on O.J. braiding any kid's hair.
Stick to the DJ gig.
Women LOVE a bald-head man!


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