Sunday, January 23, 2011

Splish, Splash!! Who Needs A Swimsuit

Recently, after covering a wedding, I was on my way to my car when one of the guests asked me if I could photograph her taking a dip in the pool. Not one to pass up a photo op, I said, "Okay". I'll admit I wasn't quite sure how she was going to accomplish this because she was fully dressed in street clothes.

Well, let the following sequence of images tell the story.

[Double-click images to enlarge for a better view]

(Note: She is NOT wearing a swimsuit)
A few warm-up stretches to get the blood flowing.Is this water gonna be cold?
Oh, no, the Invisible Gopher pushed her!
Looks like a 10 to me. It's in the eyes.
Lady, you're cool!


This story isn't over yet. Suddenly on the sideline this guy grabs his girlfriend/wife or "whatever" and she's screaming bloody, "No-o-o-o". I look over and he has her lifted in the air and is headed for the edge of the pool. Yep, I got to photograph this couple taking the plunge as an encore. I LOVE photography...and crazy people!

This lady is no dummy. Check out the hand over the nose.
The pool judge scores 10 with a hand clap.
He's celebrating now, but wait 'til she gets him home.

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