Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Savannah Rapids Park

Today I took a driving tour of all the parks in Columbia County, GA where I now live. Although I didn't find a lot of subjects that I could photograph, most were ballparks and recreational jump offs, I did find in the Savannah Rapids Park a "gem" of a stop. In fact, it was the last park on my list to visit before heading home.

It's a treat to walk around with my camera and let my senses take in everything that's surrounding me. However, as a photographic artist I then have to isolate particular vistas that might only be as large as a budding flower or as wide as the Savanna River itself.

There is so much visual information going on before your eyes and in your brain. First, there is the play of light, shapes and forms, and textures that can capture your attention as you look at subject matter from different angles. And, second, there is also the forethought of how you can enhance an image later once you get it into your favorite digital software. Now, that's something that years ago I could not dream of doing with film.

Anyway, I found all of these wonderful ingredients during my brief walk in this park and the following images are just a small gallery of what I discovered.
Immerse yourself in them and see if you can see what I saw through the eyepiece of my camera and mind.

[Note: The panorama images were created in Adobe Photoshop CS3 using the photo merge feature.



[Double-click images to enlarge viewing]

I don't know the name of this tree, but I want one.

Savanna Rapids Park Images

Canal HeadgatesPanorama #1
Panorama #2
I have two favorites images from this trip and this is one of them.
Panorama #3
I wanted to convey the texture of the water in this image.
I'm always looking for lines and perspective in my images.
A serious of shots led up to this
final composition. I love it!

Who says you can't shoot into the sun?
From this... this.

Camera: Canon 30D w/17-55mm IS lens
Post-production: Adobe Lightroom 2.5 & Adobe Photoshop CS3
Additional Software: Topaz Adjust

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