Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lisa & Norman's Love Story

Some couples bring a type of chemistry to an engagement session that speaks volumes about their relationship. From the moment I first met Lisa and Norman at a Signature Grand bridal show and they contracted me to be their wedding photographer, I knew we were going to make a great team. I quickly surmised that they were confident in their companionship and would be great subjects in front of the camera. I wasn't wrong about either observation.

Both are a picture of good looks, health, and success that a young couple can enjoy by taking life and each other seriously. I couldn't wait to photograph them because I knew we could have lots of romantic fun and pull off some Hollywood style images. If you want to see what a hot couple they are together, check out the "sweet" images I created of them in several locations around town. They made my job so easy!


[Double-click images to enlarge for better viewing]

Norman's baby.
Norman's REAL baby!
One of my favorite shots of Lisa & Norman.
Lisa has an absolutely stunning face.
...and killer eyes!
Hot licks.
Prelude to their wedding.

-to be continued-

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