Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tina's Makeup Session

Lately I've been teaming up with Divine Eyez makeup artist NaTasha Barr who has been using us to create images for her portfolio and for advertisement. Tina Turner was the model on this shoot and she was perfect from head to toe. I can honestly say that she had very few blemishes that needed retouching and her skin is impeccable.

I didn't get to create a lot of images because I was in between helping a client place an order and shooting the session, but I've posted a few shot that I like a lot.


NaTasha Barr & Tina Turner

One of my favorite images...Nubian Princess!

[Note: Previews can be enlarged by double clicking]
To see more of Tina's portraits, click on play below.

Canon 30D w/ 17-55mm IS lens
Lighting: Speedotron 400WS in 3x4 softbox
Post-processing: Adobe Lightroom 2 & Photoshop CS3
Willie's HD Videos

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