Monday, April 26, 2010

Piedad Menezes - "Colombian Glamour"

Often as a professional photographer I don't get to pick who will be my subject. However, in the case of Piedad Menezes I had the privilege of inviting her to be the subject for a portrait session with the intent of using images of her for studio samples. Last year I was hoping to use Piedad in a mother and daughter session, but the person who was to be her daughter moved away. So, that ended that opportunity, but I never abandoned the thought of photographing her at a later date.

So, this week I invited her to come into the studio for a glamour session and along with NaTasha Barr of Divine Eyez Creation we teamed up to produce the images that you see below. One of the reason that I thought Piedad would be an excellent subject is because she has tremendously gorgeous Colombian features (big brown eyes, a great face, and long black hair). I gave NaTasha an idea of how I wanted Piedad's makeup to look and an hour later we began the session.

Because Piedad was not a model I made her job easy. I simply let her sit or lay on the floor and only required that she "look pretty". Was she right for the job and did she meet my expectations? Check out the portraits below. I think she was perfect! My hat is off to Piedad and NaTasha for a session that produced some great studio samples.


NaTasha Barr and Piedad

Larger images can be viewed by double clicking
on the portraits above.

To view a slide show of Piedad's images, click on play below.

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