Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Karla Aparicio - Class of 2010

Karla Aparicio is the first senior from Sheridan Hills Christian School in Hollywood that we've photographed. She will definitely set the trend for senior portraits at her school. When we met with Karla and her mom (Karla) to discuss her portrait session, I knew it was going to be a great experience for the both of us. Karla is so down to earth, witty, and care-free with a personality that bubbles over with self-confidence.

The first image below was right out of the box and it just got better as we went from studio shots to location portraits. If I remember correctly I don't even think I got a bad shot of Karla even blinking...which is amazing in itself. Now that the session is over I'm considering asking Karla to come back for a "fun session" where we just go out an take pictures doing anything. I believe she's the perfect "teen model".

Thanks, Karla, for an amazing senior session. I'm certain ALL your senior classmates are going to love your portraits. I sure do and I know your mother does, too.


As soon as I saw this portrait of
Karla I fell in love with it.

Every time I photograph at this location we are
guaranteed an FEC train to come blowing by!

Flying high!

Karla is Venezuelan and proud of it.

Karla loves fashion and it shows here.

Double click images above to see larger previews of the portraits.

Click "play" below to see a slide show of all the portraits.

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