Sunday, June 28, 2009

Loren & Greg's Wedding

Most of the brides that I photograph are in their mid-20s, so it's refreshing to create wedding images for a more mature couple like Loren and Greg. Just the interaction between the two of them is so different from the norm. However, if you ever meet them you'd declare they are in their 20s. Loren and Greg are tons of fun, but Loren leads out with a personality that will easily win you over in a second.

All it really takes is for Loren to look at you with those seductive eyes of hers and you're hooked. Apparently, Greg is immune to her glances, so she lights up his life with playful antics (see the rat below). Another wonderful by-product of Loren's and Greg's maturity is that they were unflappable on their wedding day. Whatever little problems that might have developed, they simply didn't let them get in the way of them celebrating their wedding day to the fullest.

When you look at the images below you can see the "fairy tale" romance between the two of them. I don't know of any two people who are more in love and who shared that love with their family and friends on their special day better than Loren and Greg. As a professional wedding photographer I wished ALL of my brides and grooms could take on their attitude as spoken by Loren: "It's our day and we're going to enjoy it".

The girls showing off their "assets".
Loren has the most seductive eyes,
and they really add to her beauty.
Loren's arrival by carriage was a total surprised
everyone except Greg who planned it all.
Look what Greg just gave me!Most folks wouldn't appreciate a rat on their dinner
plate, but this rat has been the subject of many
jokes Loren & Greg have played on each other.
Greg playing his best tune for Loren.
Loren's and Greg's favorite picture.
Clemson all the way!

Thanks for an awesome time Loren and Greg. Long live the rat!



Wedding Location: Jacaranda Country Club
Cake: Cakes by Elena
Carriage: Royal Horse Drawn Carriages

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