Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Joanna & Andy's Wedding

Joanna and Andy are one of the long distance clients who you don't get to see on a regular basis, but every time that you do something good happens. I never got around to posting any of their "Love Story" session images (I may do that at a later date), however I was thrilled to get their wedding images on my blog. There is so much to tell and show about their wedding date.

First, the Mizner Country Club where the ceremony & reception was held was impeccable. I'll let the images below speak to that fact. Second, we had a little drama with the weather that delayed the actual start of the ceremony, but it added an ambiance to my shots that I couldn't create any other way. Third, Joanna and Andy looked like perfect wedding dolls that should be on top of a wedding cake. I discovered how beautiful Joanna was during the engagement sessions, but on this day she was stunning. Andy wore his good looks in style and did not leave them checked at the door (see the 10th image below). Fourth, add a dove release and you have the picture perfect wedding day.

In all it was a super day and I know a lot goes into making a wedding a beautiful memory. I would like to think that one of the things I contributed to Joanna's and Andy's memory of their day are the images of the two of them together. They had to be created in a short time because of the delay in the start of the event, but the following images below are some of the best I've created this year. I love 'em all!! I hope you do too, Joanna and Andy.

Entrance to the Mizner Country Club.
Joanna's natural beauty was simply free flowing.
Is that Andy or his impersonation of "Mr. T"?
This panorama of the ceremony shows it all.
The dove release capped off the ceremony,
but Andy sealed it with a kiss.Joanna is definitely Bride's Magazine material.
The country club had wonderful spots for
creating great storytelling images like this.


Ceremony/Reception: Mizner Country Club

Wedding Coordinator: Chandra Burse (305)244-2670
Doves: South Florida White Doves

Karli's Florist

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