Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jaguar Shot In Downtown Ft. Lauderdale

All right, the title is a little hyped, but I did shoot Tanya Milton with her Jaguar coupe at a downtown location. Tanya’s portrait session started off in the studio with a few quick headshots just to get her comfortable with my style of shooting. However, my idea of photographing Tanya was to create some hot, elegant, fashion shots of her with her vehicle.

Tanya works as a realtor and I wanted her images to take her far away from her professional persona. I wanted her to simply let her hair down and have a fling with the camera. I think it worked. At first she was a little uncertain about some of the poses I was mimicking for her to do, but eventually she relaxed and joined in the fun. Also, Tanya has a stunning face with features that draw you into her eyes and lips, and she has a mystique about her that I’m still trying to figure out. So, look closely at the really tight headshots of her and see if you can figure it out.

Thanks for a great session, Tanya. Hope you like ‘em.

Tanya and her sleek Jaguar.
With legs like that,
who needs a Jaguar?

I love the mystique of Tanya in this image as well
as the lighting and post-production enhancement.
This is one of my favorite images of her.

Tanya's beauty is undeniable.

Tanya's features are inspiring. I look forward to having
another session were we do
nothing but headshots.


DEANAR said...

TMILT'S beauty is supernatural! This comment may be considered biased because she is a really close friend and pratically family. The photos are DA BOMB!!! The photographer certainly has an extraordinary eye! Tanya has incredible beauty outside but what makes her a really special individual is her beauty within. Much admiration!

donna said...

u go girl!!!
with that mean ass look!!!

Sherol said...

Tanya you look gorgeous, the shot with you standing over the ball I know you gave Mr. Hill a hard time (meaning I don’t want to do that) for that pose. Great job Mr. Hill!

Candy said...

Glamorous Gal, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Tanya, you have grown from a bud to a beautiful ROSE. The head shots are perfect, I must give credit where credit is due. The body shots are very sexy yet elegant, however you seem a little nervous, perhaps a chilled glass of wine would have helped. Also, it is not necessary to flex your legs they are nice and toned as is. Mr. Hill I commend you and your model.
Much luv from one of your Girlz,
Boom aka Candy

msyates04 said...

look out Tyra and Kamora..TMILT is coming at you,Beautiful..Job well done Mr hill

Anonymous said...

sexy,sensual,seductive,stylish,spirited,sassy and soulful,are but a few words that come to mind.TMILT you are truly gifted,Both physically,spiritually and emotionally. I do believe that Mr.Hill sucessfully captured the essence of Tanya on film.

Y. Patrick Mardice said...

Please Tyra and Kamora do not have nothing on our Tanya. It is rare and a blessing to meet someone with such a great personality, full of wisdom, kind, caring, cool, down to earth, spiritual and deep. That is beauty right there and yet I have not even started to describe her physically. No need too. We all know that Ms Milton maintains the package and goods in shape. That combined with all those traits and you got as Keisha would sing "Heaven Sent."
These pictures are beautiful. The only words that can describe the ones in the white dress are "BREATH TAKING."
Mr Hill you you are do magic sir with that camera.

Martine said...

You go Tanya with your Fabulous self!

Sgwesley said...

Tanya your pictures are beautiful. Thank you, Mr. Hill for displaying Tanya's vulnerable side (LOL stop playin).

Tammi T said...

Hey Cuz,

Great photo shots! Your legs are almost as sexy as mines! LOL! Luv Ya!

Anonymous said...

That's My Cuz!!!!!!
Keep Blowing Them AWAY!!!


"J" the prodical son said...

Independent,self sufficient,thinking and doing black woman.The true essence of a woman's worth with a body that defy's time.The photographer has a keen eye for percieving raw womanhood.Great pics cuz,stay forever young;peace.