Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Donovin (alias “Brown Town”)

He’s the newborn son of Jackie Parisi, and is another one of the most adorable babies that I’ve recently photographed. Jackie is a good friend of my daughter (Christy), and she loves Donovin in her own special way. In fact, it was Christy who gave Donovin the nickname “Brown Town” (which seems to have stuck) because of his beautiful skin tone. No, Jackie doesn’t seem to mind that Christy has renamed her baby, but she was excited about bringing him to the studio for a portrait session.

The day Jackie came in for her portrait consultation, immediately I knew I couldn’t miss creating great portraits of her son. He is a naturally beautiful baby. The day of his session was a different story, though. We’d scheduled the session at a time when he was a little cranky and in the middle of the shoot we virtually had to back off and regroup. After a brief nap he came through with some cute expressions that will guarantee Jackie memories for a long time. I’m really looking forward to his 6th month and 9th month portrait sessions.


Anonymous said...

That's my baby!!! thanks for sharing this web blog is great. c u soon Jackie!!

oh yeah you spelt his name worng " Donovin" but thats ok :O)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful LIL "D" and his mom! YOU go Jax! YOU guys are gonna be STARS! woo hoo.....

Love Ya

Dot & Rich