Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Perfect Belly

Cliann Smith not only has the “perfect belly”, she is the perfect pregnancy client (model). A previous bride and client of mine, Janina Alamo, introduced Cliann to my “Bellies & Babies” photography and it was a perfect match for both of us. During Cliann’s planning session I knew she was going to bring a lot of personality to her session. Boy, I wasn’t wrong about that! She was so natural in front of the camera. Taking posing directions was a breeze for her and her bubbly personality is highly contagious. You can just feel the excitement in her person and it clearly shows in her images.

But, I really have to give her an award for braving the chilly 45 degree weather for her beach shots. Baby, it was cold, but she stuck it out and preformed like a “super model”. If Cliann’s baby is anything like her, I can’t wait until her precious baby is born. It's going to be a wonderful moment to see what I'm sure will be the “perfect baby”.

The "Perfect Belly"

It may not look cold, but it was freezy, huh, Cliann? Great job!

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DRThomsen said...

I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know that these pictures are splendid!! My 2 favorites are the one with the back of her dress opened out and the one of her veil draped over her arm. I also like Mom giving Michelle a kiss...Kathy on film(the internet no less!). Can hardly wait for the wedding and to see the final pictures, if this was only the prelim...the rest can only be phenominal!!!