Saturday, June 25, 2011

Monica & Ariel's Wedding

One way a good wedding photographer sustains a great business is to get repeat business from previous clients. It is such a gracious compliment when a previous client calls you up years later and thank you for the wonderful job you did back then, but now their daughter is getting married and they want you to be her photographer, too. That's exactly how I got to be Monica and Ariel's wedding questions asked. Well, except "how much was it going to cost?"

I didn't quiet remember Monica at her mom's wedding, but when I met her in the studio I couldn't help thinking, "what a beautiful, spitting image of her mom" she was. Well, I was right and she and Ariel gave me the chance to create some beautiful wedding portraits that are worthy of my portfolio.



[Double-click image to enlarge viewing]

Monica has perfect features for making a beautiful bride.
The use of a "fish-eye" lens makes this shot interesting.
Ariel & Monica are simply "beautiful" together.

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