Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vianca & Claude's Wedding

The following set of wedding images are from Vianca and Claude White's wedding. They had a wonderful outdoor wedding at the Sofitel Hotel in Miami and the reception was also conducted there, too. It had been years since I'd done my first wedding there, and now I was back again for another chance to create some unique portraits for another bride. It's amazing how you can be driving to a location that you don't think you've ever visited before, but as soon as you arrive you clearly remember all the details of your visit. Familiarity of a location takes a lot of pressure off a wedding photographer and helps in the shot selections.

If you read my previous posting on Vianca and Claude, then you know them up close and personal from their engagement session. What follows are portraits from their wedding day.



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Vianca's dress was stunning.
Vianca & her special friends.
It's always interesting watching the groom's first glance of his wife to be.
Do you think Claude is excited?
Only Claude could pull off this comedian act...
...and laugh about it.
Claude roaring his approval.
Let's get this party started.

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Vianca White said...

Very Funny! I just went down memory lane.