Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vianca & Claude's Engagement Session

One of the most challenging moments I have as a professional photographer is when I come under the scrutiny of another photographer as a client. Unlike the average client who contracts me to cover their wedding, working with someone else in the profession requires that I walk a tightrope that has to be a perfect balance between two individuals artistic demands. On several occasions when I've had this type scenario, I've done everything I could NOT to be contracted as the photographer because I knew what the outcome was going to be. One big "opinion fight", and who has time for that?

Well, that wasn't the case when Vianca Monroe and Claude White came to the studio to check us out as their wedding photographer. Upfront Claude mentioned to me that he was an avid photographer and that he admired my work. He also made it clear that he expected quality work because he knew what to look for, but he also wouldn't tie the hands of the photographer he hired. During the course of the consultation I will admit that Claude and I clouded Vianca's inquires about my services when we'd go off on tangents about photo equipment and techniques. To make a long story short, the three of us clicked beautifully after fielding Claude's questions and I was looking forward to really showing him what a talented photographer he'd hired.

The final thing I want to share about Vianca and Claude is this. Vianca is quiet as a church mouse and Claude is, well...plain hilarious. This guy absolutely cracks me up with his sense of humor and he's the perfect match to bring out Vianca's quietness. Claude, thanks for putting your trust in me. Here's the first installment on some great images of you and your "special lady".



[Double-click images to enlarge viewing pleasure]

Locations: Fort Lauderdale Airport parking lot
Performing Arts Center

Equipment: Canon 30D w/17-55mm IS lens
Doug Box Location Softbox with Canon 550EX flash

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