Thursday, March 10, 2011

Passion Realized

Thirteen years ago (when life wasn't so busy) I had a passion to learn how to paint in watercolor. In fact, I promised myself that if I ever retired I wanted to learn how to proficiently paint in watercolor as my next venture. I've always been intrigued by the pencil marks on the paper, how different layers of paint could be seen on top of each other, and how unique each brush stroke represented something not entirely recognizable. To me watercolor painting is just as meticulous as photography. Both require precision, you have to watch small details, and you need to master your craft. Watercolor VS photography = a draw.

Thirteen years ago when I took my first watercolor class at an Adult Education school, the teacher was so terrible at instructing I was left with total frustration and disappointment. So, I packed up my supplies and stored them away until now when the passion once again reignited in my mind. Since the move to Georgia and the subsequent closing of the studio, I've had lots of time on my hand. Well, two weeks ago I enrolled in a watercolor class and this time I'm not giving up mastering this medium. No, I'm not giving up photography...I'm just seeing it through different eyes now. Painting has actually heightened my sense of how to create some awesome images.

I want to share some of my latest works so you can see that I will not quit my day job, but I am having fun; that's what painting is all about. Hopefully, as I get better at this you will have seen where I started and how far I have advanced. The whole point of this posting is: "Don't give up on your passions. They can become realized at the right time".



[Double click images to enlarge viewing]

"Camilla Blooms"
"Barn Owl"
"Backyard Tree"
"Flowers In Vase"
"Cattle Drive"
"Sand Dunes"
"Basket of Fruits"

Tools: Watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, & Crayon markers.

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