Friday, July 16, 2010

Makeup Artist Turned Model

What happens when you're a makeup artist who is working with a photographer and you've come to like his work a lot? Or, you've seen how he can transform your handy work into something extraordinary? Well, you schedule a personal session for yourself.

That's exactly what happened to makeup artist NaTasha Barr of Divine Eyez. She was so impressed with how several clients' portrait sessions turned out she asked me to create some glamour shots of her. My first question to NaTasha was, "Who is going to do your makeup". That was an inside joke, of course.

Anyway, the makeup was impeccable, as only she can apply it, and we had two wonderful sessions together. I personally think NaTasha could handle the double role of Makeup Artist/Model. From what I've experienced while photographing her, I don't think you can take a bad image of NaTasha. She's just that good in front of the camera as well as handling a makeup brush. So, take a look at the portraits that we created together as two accomplished artists in our own arenas. She loves applying makeup and I love taking portraits.


Images can be enlarged by double clicking on them.

Contact NaTasha at: Divine Eyez

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