Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thank You

Many of you who personally know my family have been praying for my wife's mom, Bertha Reynolds, who has been battling cancer for several years. January through March my wife had the opportunity to return to Little Rock, Arkansas and spend some quality time with her mother and siblings before she passed away on March 18th. It has been a difficult time for Eddie Mae to deal with her mother's illness because of the travel distance, but their relationship was enhanced during those months. As she cared for her mother it gave her the emotional strength she needed to deal with her illness and now her passing.

Our entire family traveled to Little Rock for the funeral, and it was a moment of great reflection and a time of appreciation for extended families. I personally want to thank all of Eddie Mae's friends and my church friends for your support and encouragement to our family. The cards, flowers, phone calls, visits, and food were well received and appreciated. It's an amazing thing to experience the love of friends in a moment of bereavement. It's a blessing that you never forget, yet it leaves you with not enough days to say "thank you" to those who were thinking of you.

Thank you.
The Hills

Images: Dana L. Hill

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