Friday, April 10, 2009

Erin Holiday, Class of 2009

Imagine this story. A young photographer photographs a couple's wedding 20 years ago in the city of Hollywood, Florida. Like most wedding photographers eventually he looses contact with the newly weds and doesn't hear from them ever again. Nevertheless, as the years go by he continues to wish them success in their new adventure.

Then one day he gets a phone message from a mother who's looking for a photographer to create senior photographs of her daughter. He returns the call to the parent and while they are discussing the type images she'd like taken of her daughter, she asks him if he does wedding photography, too.
The photographer confirms that he does at which the mother says, "I believe you did my wedding 20 years ago. Is your name Willie?"

I said, "Yes".

Diana Holiday said, "I recognized your voice right away. I was hoping you were still in business and I could find you. You did such a good job at my wedding I wanted you to photograph my daughter's senior portraits.
I was blown away by Diana's vivid recollection of every detail of me photographing her wedding. That was 20 years ago, she was still living at the same address, and now her only child was a high school graduate.

That is truly an amazing story and could only have happened because I provided great service to a client and because I'm so blessed to still be in business. Here's the great ending to this story...Erin.

Let me tell you about this teenager. In one word..."cool". As soon as I met her she seemed to be a breath of fresh air with a lot of confidence about herself. It didn't take much for us to formulate a friendship and I knew exactly how she wanted to be captured in pictures. Diana had some ideas of what she wanted, Erin had her own thoughts on the subject, and I was excited about work with this impressionable young lady. Check out the fun we had...Mustang, doggie, and all!



[To see more of Erin's images, click on the slideshow below.

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