Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stephani's BIG PARTY!!!!

Often times in my blogs you've heard me mention that one of the most important things I need to do as a photographer is to build an instant relationship with my subjects. I've discovered over the years that once I've experienced that moment it will open the door to their inner being. From there I have an exclusive privilege to share a friendship that is not granted to just anyone.

When I first met Stephani I truly had to gain her trust because she was such a private person (she even told me so) and I respected that.
After the first session we had with her several months ago I think we became best of friends. So, when the final day came for me to photograph her 16th birthday, we were on the same page. She was nervous and I was excited for her because this was her BIG DAY, and I wanted her to never forget it through the pictures that I took.

My hat goes off to her mom, Blondell, and her family for making this for what will be one of the most memorable days of her life! The following images speaks volumes for what a wonderful venue she celebrated her party at along with family and friends.

Surprise! It's your birthday!Girls just gotta have fun!
Blondell receiving a much deserved
"thank you" kiss from Stephani."Okay, Mirror, on the wall who's
the prettiest 16-year old girl of all?"Me!!!
Stephani's entire court of friends.
Stephani being escorted in by her dad.
Daddy's little girl...and fishing buddy.
Now a dance with little brother.
Stephani and her family.
Dad presented Stephani with the first ring he
gave her mom when they got married.

The passage of rite...sealed with a ring of love.
Stephani with childhood friends she grew up with.
It's so hard for dad's to watch their daughters
grow up
and become young women.

[Slideshow of Stephani's party coming here soon!]

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