Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow Storm, January 29, 2014

The weather forecasters predicted that this would be the worst storm for the state in 20 years, therefore the citizens were expecting the worst wintry conditions.   The night of the snow storm was rather interesting because it started with a light rain, a soft breeze then turned into beautiful snow flurries that blanked the entire Columbia County area within minutes.  I guess the neatest phenomena was how quiet everything became both inside the house and outside as Mother Nature painted every thing white.  

With my creative juices running wild with the fresh possibility of photographing some great wintry images, I personally couldn't wait until daybreak. The following morning when I announced that I was going out to take snow pictures everyone in the family wanted to tag along.  Of course, driving conditions were of some concern, but that made the adventure to looking for interesting shots all the more exciting.  So...

I started taking shots at the driveway (as you can see) and from there I drove over to the next town of Harlem, GA which is were I ended up taking most of my shots only to be cut short by my wife's complaint of being hungry. (I don't think my wife understands that photographers NEVER get hungry when we're photographing).  Well, picture-taking came to a screeching halt, but it was fun enjoying what God can create with a little water droplet and freezing temperature in something called "snow".


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Is this car winking and smiling at the camera?

I have photographed this house in nearly every season
and it's my favorite scene to create panoramas.

Georgia has no shortage of churches and they make great subjects to photograph.

The highlight of my "snow adventure" was when I left the grey house above, turned the corner and spotted these teens building a snow man in the front yard.  I jumped out of my car, introduced myself, and asked them could I take some photographs of them working.  (One of the wonderful things I like about Georgia folks is they're so darn friendly and kind). So, the following mini gallery of images could be titled:  "The Snowman With The Grapefruit Size Head" (rated PG-13).
 Meet baby sister.  She's the one to watch out for.

Snowballs are made for tossing at your brothers.

The teens were having so much fun they attracted Tina's attention (neighbor across the street).  I asked Tina if I could photograph her and she said, 'Why?'.  I said, 'Because I asked you'.  She said with calm abandonment, 'Okay'.  I love this image and it's one of my favorites because of how natural it came about.  (I'm reminded that eyes are the windows of the soul).
I don't think baby sister likes those eyes.

Thanks, Guys, for all the fun!

Silent guardian

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