Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two "Old-Timers" & A Man

I have an ole saying about trucks: "They never die. They just keep on trucking on". Well, this is certainly true about the trucks in this posting. For months I'd seen them protectively locked up behind a chain-link fence and I couldn't get a clear shot of them. To add to the problem no one ever seemed to come by and opened the gate, not even to feed the cats that were roaming around.

Finally, (by pure coincidence) one day after a photo shoot I drove by the little shop building and the gate was wide opened! I did a quick U-turn, pulled up to the gate, and found the owner working on an automobile engine. After telling him how much I admired his old trucks and would he mind if I photographed them, he not only gave me permission to do so but he allowed me to get a few shots of him, too. I think you would have to agree that the title of Two "Old-Timers" & A Man is quite appropriate for the photo essay below.


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