Monday, April 11, 2011

Jennifer & Robert's Wedding

Maturity in a couple brings a lot to the experience of a wedding and it overflows into the opportunities a wedding photographer can exploit during the wedding day. Add to that the ingredient that in the past you've seen and experienced my style of wedding photography, you've got the perfect mix for a a great partnership. That's how I'm introducing Jennifer & Robert.

Several years ago I photographed Robert's younger brother's wedding, so naturally when it came to his and Jennifer's "big day" selecting me as their photographer was a simple matter. I got to know the Anton boys through their dad Robert, and it's been a dear friendship that I've cherished over the years. So, I had to pull out all stops for "Al's" (a.k.a. Robert) wedding.

When I first met Robert and Jennifer you could feel the love between this couple. It was ablaze! Yet, there was a gentleness and kindness that a lot of younger couple would have to discover years into their marriage. For Jennifer and Robert it was already there.

I love this couple. It was great getting to know them, watching the romance between them, and photographing them. Not only did they make my job as photographer so easy, they give a great representation of what marriage is all about. I wish them all the blessings in their relationship. They score a 10 in my book, and I've photographed a LOT of weddings.



Jennifer is every dad's kinda daughter.
Jennifer is naturally playful.
Officer Anton always gets his woman.
This is the kind of love between Jennifer & Robert that is priceless.

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