Friday, April 1, 2011

Elizabeth Valerio - Class of 2012

If you asked me what is my favorite type of photography session out of all that I do, for now I would probably answer: Seniors. Compared to years ago when a senior session only meant a red or black boa around the neck for the girls and a black tux coat for the boys, today's sessions are a totally different show. It's a full production with make-up artist, fashion designer, set name it. However, the simplicity of the experience for both photographer and student can be rolled into one word---fun! I love the creativity, the care-free personality of the students (who complain very little during their time with you) and the idea that there are no stiff rules about when, where, and how to capture images. For them it's a moment to be an American Idol. Add that ingredient to all the post-production techniques that are available and you have a recipe for unique and outstanding imagery.

With that introduction meet Elizabeth Valerio an upcoming senior at Lakeside High School
. I didn't get to do my usual sit-down interview with Elizabeth before her session, but as soon as we started shooting immediately we were clicking on the same page. Here is a young lady that is very comfortable within herself and was just as comfortable and confident in front of the camera. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this kid. As you view the images below you'll see what an attractive, witty-looking, and exuberant teenager she is. Personally, I think (and told her) that she would make an excellent teen model; she's just that good in front of the camera.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for a great time together. We'll see you at graduation time.



[Click images to enlarge viewing]

Elizabeth started off her session with ease.
Elizabeth's stunning features would
make her a perfect teen model.
My favorite image of Elizabeth.
Elizabeth can be equally animated as well as serious.

Location: Riverwalk
Equipment: Canon 30D w/17-55mm IS & 70-200mm IS lenses

Post-Production: Adobe Lightroom 2.5 & CS3
Lighting: Doug Box softbox

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