Friday, May 22, 2009

Dana's Last Radiation Treatment

If you have been following this blog, then you know that my daughter Dana was diagnosed with breast cancer several weeks ago. It has been a very difficult and life-changing adventure for Dana, but it has also enhanced our family's spiritual walk and faith in God. If you talk with Dana she could tell you of numerous incidences where God brought encounters with other women who were cancer survivors or people who prayed with her.

One of my favorite stories is when she went into Jared's jewelers to have a new watch band adjusted, shared with the sales person why she was wearing the pink cancer bracelet, and the saleswoman started praying aloud for her in the middle of the sales floor. It brought Dana to tears to see that a stranger would do that for her. Finally, one of our clients who lives in New Jersey, Dakeya Henry, brought her 9 months old son (Chase) by the studio to visit Dana because she knew a visit with him would lift her spirits. These experiences were priceless to her.

I could not end this blog without thanking EVERYONE for loving Dana, praying for her, and simply keeping thoughts of her on your minds. Sometimes treatment for cancer is never a done deal and we know that only time will tell if she's completely cured of cancer. However, we know that God has brought her and our family through this ordeal with the ability to praise Him for sparing her from the awful horrors of this disease. As Dana faithfully said to me last week, "After my final radiation treatment, Pops, I'll be cured of cancer". That's were we are with this test of our faith.

So, after five days of getting radiation treatments twice a day, here's a candid look at her final treatment.

Click on this link: Last Treatment
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