Friday, December 28, 2007

My Favorite Subject

Over the years I’ve photographed a LOT of people. Every once in a while a client comes along that truly inspires you and your work. Earlier this year I photographed Jessica Corette’s wedding and was amazed at how natural she was in front of the camera and how much excitement she generated with each shot. Since then I’ve asked her to model for me on three other occasions, and she keeps getting better with each session. What I like the most about Jessica is that she never complains about the projects I volunteer her for and she’s always ready to show up on time. So, I want everyone else to see what a great model you are, Jess. Thanks for helping me stay on top of my game.

We actually borrowed the scooter off the sidewalk.

I absolutely love this favorite.

Looking forward to our next shoot, Jess. Who’s your favorite photographer?

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