Monday, November 26, 2007

The Woman In the Back of The Church

I love photographing weddings, but sometimes it can be quite boring, especially when everyone is grossly late and you have NOTHING to do. I mean you're just sitting around with all of this expensive equipment at your disposal and there isn't a "cotton picking" thing to take a picture of. That's when I play one of my favorite waiting games...find SOMETHING I can turn into creativity.

On this particular wedding I noticed a woman sitting in the back of the church playing with her Blackberry. What captured my attention was the subtle colors of the scene and the simplistic from of her body against the natural light coming through a large window. After creating the first image that initially caught my attention, I introduced myself to Camilia Harvey and asked her if she would step outside for a quick portrait session. Below are images from a bored photographer and a willing subject.

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