Friday, January 6, 2017

Jazmine Dinkins

I have an amazing relationship with my granddaughter.  I humorously bug the heck out of her and likewise she does the same to me.  It's really a mutual consensus between the two of us whether it done thru phone calls, emails or in person.  We simply enjoy messing with each other psyched.  So, whenever she comes to visit she ALWAYS holds me hostage to either videotaping her or giving her a quick portrait session.  You see she is a "drama-tista", actress, dance teacher, major player in performing arts and everything in between.  In other words she's a professional "Grandpa Manipulator".  Okay, so I'm proud of her and I play into her hands.  Anyway, here are a few images I recently created of her over the Christmas holiday. I guess they'll hold up until her next visit.  In retrospect, I think she's an awesome beautiful young woman who is truly proud of her Christian heritage and womanhood. 


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As payment for my services I made Jazzy pose 
with my new foam-built R/C model. So, I got the last word in! This time.

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