Friday, April 8, 2016

April Wallace [Red Gate & Field]

Have you ever spotted a location in your travels and thought in your mind that it would be a perfect place to create some awesome photographs?  Well, for over 5 years I have travel passed the red gate in this series of images while en-route to my local gym and not taken the time to use it.  Well, I finally committed to using the location, so I called up my favorite model (April Wallace) and scheduled a late afternoon session.  I also made plans for another location (a field) just in case the lighting wasn't what I expected it to be at the gate.  April decided on the wardrobes she would wear and both locations yielded some great images that captured both my and her imagination.  I can now scratch off the red gate from my bucket list of locations.








Cameras:  Canon 5D with 24-105mm IS lens and Canon 30D with 70-200mm IS lens
NLE:  Adobe Lightroom, Adobe CS3, and Portraiture

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u r looking so beautiful and i cant express my words