Monday, December 1, 2014

Steven Knight's 1999 Grand Marquis

One of the unique aspects of photography is that there is a plethora of subject material available for you to explore and capture through use of your visionary senses.  For some time I have wanted to photograph some of the neatly "blinged out" cars that are seen on the street.  I've spoken to several guys about letting me photograph their cars but a future session never seemed to materialize.  That is until I meet Steven Knight outside of a strip mall.  
Steven's red 1999 Mercury Gran Marquis (nicknamed "Candy") pulled up next to my vehicle and I couldn't resist the opportunity to ask him would he agree to let me photograph his vehicle.  I threw in the offer of photographing him and his girlfriend and the deal was sealed.
I had a couple of ideas where I wanted to photograph the car and then I found the perfect spot while driving around one day after visiting the Augusta Farmers old abandon loading dock with a former urban school attached.  The second location would be a CSX railroad-switching yard not too far from the first location.  As luck would have it while we were shooting in the switching yard a slow moving engine with cars attached arrived on a track no more than five feet from where we were shooting.  It provided the perfect background, with rumbling sound effects, to conclude the session.

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This is my favorite shot of "Candy"





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