Monday, December 30, 2013

Tattoo Partners - Art World

I almost did not list this posting because…  Well, it wasn’t of clients who had contracted me to photograph them and the images where created on the fly while I waited for a couple to arrive for a portrait session.  Like most entertainers (I do believe photographers at times are entertainers) I get nervous and apprehensive before a shoot.   

To pass the time away I ask the owners of the tattoo shop where I was to meet my couple if they would let me create some images for them in exchange for using their location.  Both guys agreed and thus you have the making of some, what I think, unique images of two business partners.  Unfortunately, their names escape me, however their generosity in letting me photograph them was a preemptive warm-up time for me.  Impromptu photo sessions can have so many pleasant surprises.

Thanks guys.



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