Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Michaela Jones - 1st Photo Shoot

Michaela's first session in front of the camera came as a per chance meeting at my front door when she came at the request of her mother to ascertain sitting information about my family portraiture sessions.  After giving her my business card with the promise to email her mom a link to my information I asked her in parting if she had ever modeled before.  Here reply was that she hadn't but everyone was suggesting she should get it a try.

So, I made her the offer to photograph her first session for free and here we have the results of her first attempt at modeling.  I think she has the right stuff and with a little practice and more sessions underneath her belt, who knows?  She just might be the next "Top Model".  Great job, Michaela!


[Click any image to see an enlarged version slideshow]

 This is my favorite image of Michaela because a lot of retouching when into 
making this shot "perfect" which included removing automobiles and traffic signs.

Maybe it's me, but I can see a slight resemblance to a young Jennifer Lopez in some of these shots.

 Every model has their favorite image from a session. This one is Michaela's.

This is the "Runner Up" to my favorite image shown above. Michaela looks awesome.

To see a video of this photo shoot go to this link:  Michaela's Shoot

Stills:  Canon 30D w/17-55mm IS
          Canon 10D w/70-200mm IS
Still Post:  Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop CS3
Plugin:  Portraiture Professional
Video Post:  Sony Vegas Pro 9
Slideshows:  Producer 4

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