Saturday, June 12, 2010

7 Steps To Making Tough Decisions

In these difficult times, many folks are having to make some tough decisions that will affect them for years to come. Many of these decisions are life altering, too. So, how do you deal with these tough decisions when you feel there is no answer.

Well, I was in my office last night and discovered a little note on the wall that I'd pasted there years ago. I planted it there during the years when things were going real good. Not so now. I reread what I'd written and was amazed at how appropriate it was for 2010. I thought I'd share those 7 steps with you in hopes that it will give you encouragement.

Here are some tips on how to make tough decisions.

1. Seek God's direction through prayer and fasting
2. Let Him speak to you through his word or other Christians
3. Place your faith in the joint decision by remaining patient
4. Steadfastly join your request with His impending answer
5. Whatever the answer, accept it, claim it, or do it!
6. Leave the consequences in God's hands
7. Thank and praise Him


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