Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grandfather, Take My Picture

When my granddaughter (Jazmine) asked me to take her picture, she was home from college this Thanksgiving, I realized that this might be one of those rare moments in a relationship between two love ones. Although, my wife and I have three daughters, between them we only have two grandchildren.

So, I wanted to do something really special for the two of us. I didn't want the traditional motif of portraiture. I wanted a set of images that would reflect how I viewed her as a young woman and how she reflected herself to others as a strong Christian woman who loves to dance for Jesus. That was my idea for her session although I didn't let her in on my intent. Being the professional that she is I knew she would met the challenge and she did.

I hope you'll enjoy these personal images of my granddaughter, "Jazzy". I think she's awesome!



"Say, what?"Jazzy's dancing form is so beautiful
to see in person as well as on stage.
I wanted to capture Jazzy's strong
spiritual side in the following shots.
This is one of my favorite images of Jaz.
It's something to see a little girl
grow up into a beautiful young woman.


Jazmine Dinkins said...

GRANDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!! This is great!! I definitely didn't know that was your intent! lol but you were successful! I don't know if i told you but i really really really love the pictures! I have some of them up on my facebook page and people love them :-)
I'm happy I could make you proud

gandjen said...

Jazmine, your grandad did a great job photographing you (as usual). Not only your beauty but the beauty of Jesus comes shining through in every shot! A special thanks to you and your grandad (my favorite photographer of all time and mentor!) for making my day!