Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Liana and Ralph

It's so amazing to work with my bride and groom before their wedding day. That's why I love photographing them during their "Love Story" session. I think it's almost a sin if a couple doesn't include this type session in their contracted services. Why? Because the three of us get to build a bond that heightens the relationship between us, and I get to peek into what the relationship is going to be like between future husband and wife.

Working with Liana and Ralph was a pure joy. The two of them are so in love and naturally attracted to each other that I really had little work to do in posing them. Ralph played the fiance part very well and I complimented him on a job well done. We started the session off with him and I think that made it easier for him to participate.

I was really impressed with the beach shots because by the time we got there the time of day provided some stunning lighting that you can see in the last images. By adding a little light from my portable softbox system the images look 3-dimensional. Liana and Ralph seemed etched against the blue sky and you just want to walk into the scene and join them.


Liana has almost a perfect face and is very
comfortable in front of the camera.
Kissing is always enjoyable and I gave
and Ralph plenty of practice.
This image is one of Liana's and my favorite.
The black & white enhancement is so captivating.
I had finished photographing on the
boardwalk when I saw the beautiful
lighting in this spot.
This shot is the product of me laying on my
back on the boardwalk. Whatever it takes.
Liana jokingly describes Ralph's drawing
of a heart in the sand as a tomato or cherry.
Looks more like a pumpkin to me.
This is one of those lucky shots of being in the right
place at the right time, and being quick on the shutter.
This is Liana's favorite shot.
Liana and Ralph's story will continue on May 23rd
when I photograph their wedding. Stay tuned.

Location: Signature Grand & Hollywood beach

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