Monday, September 3, 2007

Blogging with Portrait Corner Studio

After many months of research and reading two wonderful books on blogging (The Rough Guide to Blogging and Blogging for Dummies), Portrait Corner Studio is launching it's in-house blog for our customers, prospects, and friends. I was finally convinced to get involved with blogging after attending the 2007 Merchant Business Academy in Arizona back in January.

One of the speakers mentioned that blogging would replace email in the future and you need to get on board. I'm on board and looking forward to bringing readers on board to what is going on at the Portrait Corner Studio. Oh, yeah. And, what's going on my personal life. The two are uniquely intertwined and cannot be separated (until I finally retire).

Stick with us 'cause I've got a lot I want to share about photography and life in general.


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